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Pricing for EHR Backup

Your EHR & EMR, whether patient charts, X-rays, business and accounting records or emails are invaluable to your pratice - t
hey are costly to recreate (outside of HIPAA fines), and many cannot be replicated at all.

Let our Medical IT Experts set you up today.

Proven Backup 2014 Pricing

Tier LevelData StorageCost (Monthly)Setup & Support Fees
Tier 1 0 - 5 GB $9.00 NONE
Tier 2 5 - 10 GB $17.00 NONE
Tier 3 10 - 15 GB $25.00 NONE
Tier 4 15 - 25 GB $39.00 NONE
Tier 5 25 - 50 GB $69.00 NONE
Tier 6 50 - 75 GB $99.00 NONE
Tier 7 75 - 100 GB $129.00 NONE
Tier 8 100 - 150 GB $175.00 NONE
Tier 9 Sold in 50GB increments $35.00 per 50GB increment
above 150GB
Tier 10 1TB + Call for Our
Volume Discount Pricing

Costs others may not show you

ItemDetailCost to you
Server/Workstation license One (1) server or workstation
Each additional server and each additional workstation

1st FREE

$10.95/each additional
ONE time fee

Brick Level Exchange Per mailbox $15.00/each ONE time fee
Online Restores Available 24-7, 365 days NONE
Rapid Media Restores CD, DVD, USB drives, etc. and shipping to you Cost of media device, S&H


Other Pricing Information:

  • One month payment required for all tier minimums
  • 10% discount for annual payment in full (vs. month to month billing schedule)

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